Global Operations
You Can Trust
COVID-19 has created a challenging economic climate for many organizations while it has also meant that some businesses have found new opportunities. Whether you need to monitor your costs and make cost reductions or are looking to expand your operations to new markets, Nucleus is here to help you.

Nucleus is Your One-Stop Resource to:

Provide experienced, cost-effective and personalized service for all your international and domestic HR, accounting, taxation, compliance
and legal needs.
Now more than ever, we are here to assist you to evaluate, streamline costs or expand your operations for maximal efficiency.
Regardless of whether you are expanding or restructuring operations, Nucleus will ensure that you are compliant with the ever-changing country-by-country regulations so that your international entities remain in good standing throughout.

Experience You Need. Results You Want:

Nucleus provides core support to domestic and foreign operations of businesses worldwide through a one-stop, integrated solution spanning multi-country accounting/payroll/compliance, human resources and legal issues covering corporate governance, premises and data privacy.
These issues often interplay with each other both within a country. We are your business partner and our outsourcing and consulting solutions will enable you to optimize these factors to best suit your circumstances

How We Work

We will provide you with two key points of contact:
A Client Services Director (CSD), experienced both multi-country and multi-disciplinary, who will be your point person abroad for all compliance and consultancy needs. The CSD will act as part of your team, establishing your business needs and making sure that they are met
An Accounting Services Manager (ASM) who will run all your domestic and international payrolls, process and pay approved employee expense claims and pay all your approved vendor invoices. The ASM will also produce your monthly financial statements.
Our accounting team members have nearly two decades of accounting experience supporting entities in more than 50 countries with in depth knowledge of a variety of ERP systems ranging from QuickBooks through NetSuite, MS Dynamics, Intacct, SAP to Oracle.
In addition, our consultants are familiar with cross country employment law and benefits issues, all aspects of local country compliance covering payroll, corporate governance, accounts, direct and indirect taxes, as well as drafting and benchmarking of intercompany agreements.
Supporting the CSD are experienced country and discipline specialists who are available to you to resolve specific issues. However, your two points of contact remain the CSD and ASM regardless of issues and the number of countries that you are operating in.