About Us

Our Mission Is To Make Compliance With Global Regulations Simpler

We are the core of your international general and administration activities. We help you take decisions, implement them and then run the local entities in compliance with local regulations to minimize your risks.

We are a group of experienced consultants – each of us has spent at least the last decade supporting the foreign operations of privately funded and IPO’d technology companies in both international expansionary and contractionary modes.

We work exclusively on businesses crossing frontiers and our experience is therefore unrivaled. Our support to you is, therefore, focused and our response is rapid. We do not need to keep researching most issues as usually we have seen the same before.

Our Values

Integrity: We have a commitment to integrity and ethics in everything we do.

Accuracy: We know that financial statements, tax returns, corporate governance returns must be right first time. We provide you with crisp advice targeted to your specific situation.

Customer Service: We have a will to exceed your expectations.

Knowledge: Our Research team keeps us up to date so that we are able to provide you with high quality business centered solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

Our people: We are experienced consultants, each one of us has many years of experience helping US, Canadian, Australian, Israeli, and other companies successfully navigate the trickiest accounting, tax, HR, legal and compliance challenges.

Team Work: We work as your team and not as an external advisor. We work with you at all times to achieve your objectives.

The highest possible level of client care: We are committed to satisfy you fully and provide advice you need to take informed business decisions. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.

The ability to integrate multi-disciplinary issues: e.g why a server farm may be better located in Netherlands than in Germany when HR, corporate tax and VAT are balanced?

The ability of a single support team to provide a complete service: i.e. run all international payrolls and keep your financial statements in both your country and local country GAAP, the former if required on your accounting system.