Do You Know in Some Countries You
need To Pay a 13th Month Salary?

If not, you need not worry – Nucleus is the global expert in helping you manage your local workforce, wherever you operate. From guiding you on hiring and employment contracts to ensuring your workforce gets the right benefits, we provide end-to-end HR support. Read more about our HR practice below.


This part sounds really simple – you put together a job description, advertise, interview people and make an offer for them…


Employee Contracts

In some countries an employment contract is mandatory (e.g. China), other countries require certain details to b…


Employee Benefits

This is inevitably an aspect of employment on which a candidate will focus and compare terms and conditions from…


Stock Options

Most of our clients have operations in more than one foreign location and wish to offer stock options to their employees in…


Terminating Employment

Unless termination of employment is by voluntary resignation of the employee, this situation will be the most risky thing your…