Compt helps you build, streamline, and scale perk allowances so that your employees can get the perks they need resulting in a more productive and engaged workforce. Everyone has their own unique needs and when perks take this into account, the value to the employee goes beyond just beer, or onsite yoga, or catered lunches – and becomes so much more. Connect with Compt to build a personalized perk program designed to cater to the multi-generational, international, and ever-changing needs of the workforce today.

Silicon Valley Executive Network (SVEN.ORG) is a private and trusted HUMAN NETWORK and BUSINESS ENGINE comprised of leading companies and executives who are the core DNA of Innovation Ecosystem. It is restricted to VP/CXO execs, board members, successful serial entrepreneurs, and distinguished engineers. Founded and facilitated by Silicon Valley natives who have worked with and in some of its most innovative companies…As of today, 400+ private events completed, 2,000+ executives on our roster from 500+ companies.